The evidence is that a higher percentage of Catholic
priests and male Religious molest children more than
other ministers of religion. More Here
WARNING-Some of the Stories here
maybe offensive
Victim Commits Suicide
Your Rights and the Laws Extending the Statute of
A father & Son Story, Being abused by the same
Priest-Word of Caution regarding its content welcomes any inquiries and comments related to Abuse by church officials/Clergy. This sites intentions
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"Sacred cows, holy vows-Alterboys, Alterboys.
Dark deeds, rosary beads. Ding dong, Ding dong
Heal thyself, if you can, hurting boys, hurting men
Never let them prey again, expose those wicked
Ding dong, Ding dong"

Catholic Church Law Gives Abusive
Priests More Protection Than Their
Victims, Some Specialists Complain
(April 18,2002)
Since 1989, the U.S. bishops have sought
Vatican approval for a third change,
allowing them to remove abusers from the
priesthood without cumbersome appeals to
Rome.Story Here
Confidential Sexual Abuse Policy
Complete Report on Catholic Church, used at Trial in 1997 as
evidence. Documents Church's Policies and Secret Information!



"Unworthy Beast"
©2002 Alterboysnet

For the crime of Seduction, that was placed upon me,
I shall say nothing, you will always be free.
For the crime of abuse, that was endured by me
I will keep silent, so others won't see.
For the crime of assault, inflicted on me
It will stay hidden, between you and me
For the crime of betrayel, I trusted in thee
will never be devulged... to the holy sea
For the crime of misconduct, to fulfill your need
nothing will happen....have faith in me.
Who could be so distant...from the laws we decree.
That is my told.... you will see.
Plunge pain in my heart, and steal from me
You pray for my silence, for eternity.
I shall stay silent for all my good deeds,
mixed up and confused...who would believe?
Murder my faith and abuse my good being
boy! was I stupid, It's not just for "peeing"?
Rape me of innocense and extort all my trust
break all the laws, for your selfish lust.
Hold your head high, you most unworthy beast
The laws weren't written for my local Priest?

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Albany Catholic diocese keeps
problem priests on the job
Internal study finds 9 guilty of sexual misconduct;
Story Here February 24, 2002 ©Times Union 2002
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offering support to victims in your area. we will
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Although the founders of this site have received no assistance, apology or compensation for what the clergy and the Catholic Church have done to them and their brothers. It was thought best to leave this information for others who are seeking answers and or documentation included on this site.