Albany Diocese Refuses to give
information on "Taskforce"
Dear Bishop Hubbard,
As the author of this site I took it upon my self to test the openness and truthfulness of the
Albany Diocese's "New" attitude towards Sexual Abuse.
I called the Diocen Office and asked to speak to someone regarding the New Taskforce that was
recently put into place by your Holiness. I was told that I needed to speak to some one in the
Chancellery office and was transferred. My phone call was met with dis-trust and they refused to
give any information as to who was on this "Taskforce" or give me any information regarding the
names of Priests that were previously found to have been involved with any activity the church
deemed inappropriate.
Their reasoning was...that if I couldn't give them my full name, I was not entitled to it. I might
add that it was already published in the Albany Times Union. (March 3,2002) The person on the
phone was being coached as to what she could and could not tell me. Now I may be wrong here,
but it was already public knowledge.....what harm was there in giving me the information I requested
regarding the Taskforce?.....It seems to me that if the Diocese wants to work towards
communication, forgiveness and understanding....they would be a little more forthcoming about
something.....that was actually quite trivial, having already been published.
They were quite insisting on getting my name.....which to me shows a great deal of mistrust in
their "Honest" intentions. Their handling of this matter goes far beyond human compassionate
Am I to believe that to "Make things right" ...a victim, is to simply call the diocese and tell
them their name and sit down with the bishop and other priests to tell them something that was
done by one of "their" peers......ok, that sounds comforting. Am I to believe that your panel
(Taskforce) set up mostly filled with Lawyers is for the "Victims" sake? Of course not....that would
be pretty naive of me. Oh wait, I almost forgot, their are two people on the Panel who are
mothers....all well and good but what about the others, they don't get the same recognition. Even
the name of the panel is confusing, "Taskforce" sounds urgent and very important, which it should
be, but for a victim, it conjures up images of a intimidating "Swat Team".
How about a panel that does NOT include, the very people who the victim came to dis-trust?,
How about a panel with LESS lawyers and more advocates for abuse, and also a child Psychologist
to convey what the victim was feeling or going through at the time of his abuse? How about
someone from the States child protective agency or an establishment equal to it? How about
maybe even someone who has been a victim.? I commend Bishop Hubbard on his efforts, but I
think a taskforce more in tune with abuse, civil liberties and human compassion issues would be
more beneficial in understanding the whole picture, not a taskforce set up for the Church's own
"Damage Control" policy....based on Dollars and cents.
The passing of time and the number of victims has proven that the Church can't handle the
By what authority does the Church feel that it can handle "Civil" criminal activity?
What I don't understand the most, is that the Diocese is not "Listening", you have no regard for the
victims.....I have heard claims that "Victims have a moral obligation to let the church know who is
abusing them"....Don't the abusers (criminals) have a moral obligation as well?...Don't these Priests
have an obligation to the vows and their beliefs in God in asking for forgiveness, coming forward and
asking for "Help as well". All the church is doing is forcing the victims to rely on the churches failed
attempts at some type of reconciliation. And belief that they will help them. Which I believe they
will, monetarily least, for counseling and therapy, but I don't think they can "Buy" their faith
back. Damage control for who?... for only the accused.
I personally think that you as well as other bishops need to search your souls and turn to God
for the Answers you are going to need to resolve all of this and save face with not only the victims,
but the public, the congregation and God himself. Lets face it...The damage is done....So lets
honestly together save not only the victims, but the accused and the Catholic institution in the
process. The Catholic institution has very little faith in the very people that contribute to its beliefs.
The very people who make up the church.....500,000 faithful who could "walk" at any time.....and
still be the church. Although the Catholic Buildings would all be empty, the church will still stand.
The people that make up the church, do so, based on their faith and strong religious
convictions. They do it without doubt.....they do it because they believe. In a civil society we have
no "Conviction" when there is doubt. The Catholic Church and the Albany Diocese is leaving to
much "Doubt" to not only their efforts, but their handling of this whole matter. Its time to just "listen
to what you teach" and follow the very words of God "I am the way, the truth and the life. The
Albany Diocese needs to set an example, one in which I seriously think all Christians would be
proud of, forgiving and most of all, relieved with understanding. Show us the way, let the truth be
known, it is the only way the church will restore not only faith in its flock, but also restore life. Life
to a church and institution, that at this point in time.... could surely use.
Its time for the church to test its faith in the very people they taught, its time for the church,
rather than the people to "allow" forgiveness, with honesty and duty to the public and civil laws of
this country and State, that allows its very presence. You as a Religious Organization demand
"separation of state" yet mock the very laws that govern the people who make up the state. For the
church to believe or insist that they can and should handle all cases of sexual abuse, basically
Identifies that act in its institution as something of a religious rite. Yielding to some authority of the
church and respecting its laws, I could see if maybe the claim of abuse was within its clergy, or
ministry whereas the victim was one of the aforementioned, but we are talking about sexual abuse
of innocent children of our civil society. God sacrificed his only son for the sake of others, its time
for the Church to make sacrifices for all of our sake. It would be nice if this letter was about Bible
study, but its about Horrible sexual acts done to children. Is this what the church wants people to
identify it with?
Its also time for the church to take a hard look at its self and its purpose, How can you
continue to teach the word of God, or grow. How can you continue to help the less fortunate, how
can you continue to maintain the wonderful ornate structures of worship, how can the church show
us the way, teach the truth, and put God in our lives when all of its resources and offerings are
being used to pay huge settlements and claims for sexual abuse.....all of which will eventually lead
to a time, when there will be no Catholic Church. Isn't it enough that people are leaving in countless
numbers already, isn't it enough that the church has to close Schools, isn't it enough that the
church has to pay huge premiums on there insurance due to all the claims, isn't it enough...isn't it
just ENOUGH.
Criminals are criminals, no matter what....crime has no religion, and although the church can
minister to criminals, the church should not attempt to harbor, be judge, jury and executioner.
Leave that to the civil courts.....the church needs to act now, and do what is right. Society is
corrupt enough, if the church is corrupt, who are people going to turn to?.....
One last point I would like to make, that I haven't seen discussed anywhere involves the Clergy itself.
How do the Priests that live a Godly life, currently going through the process of ordination...devoted and
secure in thier commitment to God, the word and the people, feel about the Clergy that commit these
crimes. Don't you owe something to them as well? When was the last time you saw a Priest in Collar
(Clericals) at the local grocery store? I feel so sorry for them, to have to go around in shame for what
others have done, to have to carry that burden, through no fault of thier own. " oh look mommy" a
priest...."stay here son, don't go near him"
I know that sounds harsh, but it is not far from the truth....
Church turns over Pedophile priest to authorities.....
Church moves Pedophile Priest to undisclosed Parish....
Which Headline sounds more comforting?
The one that shows, accountibility and the possiblity for repentence and therapy...
or the one that shows absolutely, no regard for the public and leaves Doubt.......
Its really a no brainer.....Your thirty years of "hiding" the truth has hurt the Church very much and you
wonder why the public Doesn't trust what is told to them......The Priest that molested me, Is still serving
the Catholic Church in an Official Capacity. Take away all doubt and do what is right.
M. Murphy, A survivor as well
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This article does not express the opinion of anyone else other than myself. If the
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Bishop Hubbard

Albany Catholic Diocese creates
"Blue Ribbon Taskforce"
But refuses to discuss it!....

Although a positive approach......and a bold move for the
church...the panel has always been there, just not affective.
Another vain attempt to console the many victims of thier abuse.?
Time will tell.
Bishop Howard Hubbard
Albany, New York.
I apologize for not updating the site as often as I would like, It has become very demanding, answering
emails and working. Because I work for a School District, time has been limited, but now with summer recess I
hope to keep up as much as I can. I have also had to cut back on Telephone contacts due to enormous phone
bills. I have been in touch with many victims as of late and I hope that all of you that have contacted me or us
seeking information has found some comfort in dealing with your individual needs and concerns.
Since this site started we have been in contact with hundreds of victims and have uncovered abuse in not
only our area but others as well. We are contacted by people from all over the world. We encourage you to
post on the Database any information you have regarding Priests that have been convicted. And although we
keep ourselves "low Profile" our site is growing and gaining popularity among victims and the media at a rate
we never expected. With sites and groups such as ours and the Network Survivors Group we will hopefully
see the day where we can raise our children in an environment that is safe, and allow them to worship in a
place that is free from abuse.
Nationally, people in the Catholic Church can feel some sense of relief due to the recent policy set
forth by the National Conference of Bishops. But here in our Area Albany, New York. I feel their is still work
to be done, only due to the Only Bishop in Disagreement with the National Bishops Policies is the Bishop for
the Catholic Diocese here in Albany, New York. He compares the policies to "Drug Policies" and has stated
that those policies have hurt people and destroyed their lives...........So out of touch!
I personally don't understand how he can compare an addiction problem to a Criminal act. I don't
understand how he cannot "feel" for the victims abused in the past. There shame and pain last's a lifetime.
And if anything, it is his not understanding, the previous policies of the church and the policies he would
like to see in place, that have destroyed countless lives even resulting in the loss of some in the past and for
many years to come. The Bishops Conference vote clearly shows how out of touch the Bishop is with not
only his people but other Bishops and the church hierarchy as well.