About this site.

This site has been created for the future support and changes
regarding Clergy abuse victims and the laws that are inadaquate to
protect them.

It will also serve as a reminder to those in such authority, that this
abuse can not continue and encourage counseling and help for all of
those involved.
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Can be done by emailing: Alterboys@aol.com

Alterboys.net is dedicated to ensuring the future safety of our children, and to find ways to get the
New York Laws pertaining to the "Statute of Limitations" changed for sexually abused children!
Although there are numerous cases where settlements have been reached, there are far to many
where criminal charges can not be filed or were not filed at all. Due to State Laws that DON'T
protect the victims rights, they only allow the Predator to go free while institutions and Insurance
Companies have to be punished. There should be no Statute of Limitations for harm Physically
done to a Human Being. ie. Murder, Rape, Abuse, etc. A criminal is a criminal, whether he wears a
collar or not, and for the church to "Hide" it or cover it up, makes them just as Liable....and guilty
as the crime itself. These Statutes need to be overturned and re-examined....speaking
personally.....I don't know how a judge can honestly feel in his heart that he is doing the right thing,
by not allowing these cases in court, or how the Church can simply ignore the pain and suffering
one goes through......it lasts a life time and never goes away!...
Our Laws need to change and if the Church and States heed Accountability, Respect, and
Responsibility for thier actions, congregation and or citizens, how can we as a society, expect our
children to hold true those values. Churches want to know why thier Youth ministry and attendance
is down 90%, States want to know why Crime is always at an unacceptable level.
Parents question the lack of respect from thier children........Its rather quite simple....
We are all listening to the beat of a different drum, we are all ignoring the one true gift of God, and it
reminds us and nurtures us at least on an average....80 times a minute!......we have stopped
"Listening" to our heart.......
-A Survivor

Please, help us protect your children, and to make changes for the good of all.
Guard your heart with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23). Don't let the demonic realm
influence your thought-life (Ephesians 6:12-20). If you give yourself to sinful fantasies
and pursuits, you will become their slave (Romans 6:16).

My Closet of Shame

No shelves of laughter, good memories to share
or boxes of joy...
...Of innocense and dreams, from a time in my life
when I was only a boy.
Its locked with frustration, its all in my head. The
door always opens, when I go to bed.
Repressed images all scattered about.
Incomplete memories just dying to get out.
Many places I've lived and the years have gone
by, but the closet's the same....I just can't seem to
Its bulging with questions, its turned into a vault.
Why? how come? can it be? No you can't
see....You don't understand,
was it my fault?
So much has been stolen, taken from me...its
been so confusing..... was I ever a teen?
Who has that right?...too take from me! My trust in
others, a compassion for life, things that weren't
nurtured....My Dignity.
God don't forsake me... show me the way, I 've
learned how to live a "new" life... from day to day.
Full-fill me and guide me, for its been quite a
Teach me about life, not suicide.
With wisdom and courage, accept things I can't
change....but I just can't get used to...
My closet of Shame.

~A Survivor~

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John Artakis
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353 East 54 th Street
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John Artakis is currently representing victims of Clergy abuse and has succesfully settle previous cases of
abuse, his offices are located in NYC and Albany, New York.
Albany, NY 518-283-9750
New York, NY 212-751-7853