Although most of this website focuses on
Catholic Clergy Abusing Children, it is not
limited to just that religious denomination. Right
here in Albany, New York. The Episcopal
Diocese has a Priest serving with one of their
local churches who was convicted of
Endangering Children. He was formerly from
Washington County and apparently has been
relocated right here in our City, I wonder if he or
the church had to follow the law regarding
notifying the local authorities that he was in
Albany County?
The interesting part of their way of thinking,
was to relocate him after he completed his
sentence, to a church with a day care
Now I know I could be wrong here and
probably not to Christian for questioning this way
of thinking, but do you really think that he went
through counseling effectively in Prison, Do you
really think someone of this type of behavior was
instantly cured through incarceration, I doubt it
and most studies will agree.
Oh yeah, a huge scandal, involving
Episcopal Priests from not only Washington
County, but Saratoga as well.......Where are
they NOW?......Shouldn't we, the general public
be told about who is counseling our children,
who is taking them on religious retreats, who is
teaching them "Right from wrong".....and I use
that term very loosely. The sad part about that
case, was that he was also a "Foster" parent as
The Church as a whole, Catholic, Episcopal,
non-denominational or what ever religion has a
moral obligation to not only reveal thier internal
findings but to protect the public, from people
they in thier own right know are known to have
molested children. The church teaches
forgiveness, and without confessing these
crimes of moral judgement, how can we believe
in not only the church, but how can we as
believers ask "Them " for forgiveness?. The
church needs to practice what they preach, they
need to have "Faith" in the general public. It
would be more uplifting and more christian for
the church to uphold thier views and laws and
enforce them on thier own. We as a society
cannot continue to respect that way of thinking.
The church as a whole, needs to understand and
if they looked deeper into thier hearts...would
realize and understand why thier youth
membership is down 90%, why they are loosing
youth members, and why the collection plate is
The church for thier own selfish acts and
moral activities is destroying peoples belief in
thier institution, although I think most keep thier
faith. The bible does not command anyone to go
to church (a building), and one can believe in
God, just as much, if not more without man
made doctrine, being abused and utilized for the
churches own selfishness and destruction.

The Criminal courts may be distant to them
due to the Statutes, but there is a court of law
that they will all have to go before, and on that
final day when they appear for judgement it will
be GODS law that they will have to answer to.
It will be thier own beliefs that will condemn
them and serve justice on them for what they
have done in this life.

"Therefore humble yourselves under the
mighty hand of God
, that He may exalt you in
due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He
cares for you" (I Peter 5:6-7).
Cardinal Bernard Law
says he "cannot
estimate" how many
priests have molested

Catholic Priest Molests
12 year old Boy.
No Charges filed Statute of
limitations ran out

Pretty Scary Headline, but the truth of the
matter is, too many stories and churches are
surfacing and having to defend themselves
against Clergy Pediphiles.
Who is Defending the VICTIMS?, It seems
there is no recourse, The victims have to suffer
for the rest of their lives, if they reach that point
without committing suicide. The victims have to
live with the shame and fears of being just a
youngster and knowing in there hearts
tell, would mean....humiliation, dis-respect,
embarrassment, and shame. Just the thought of
being Molested by your Priest, Minister or
church member, you know.... the people you
hold in high esteem, and the people as a
youngster, you look up to and admire and are
being taught by the same people the difference
between right and wrong, the difference between
absolution and salvation. At a very
impressionable age being not only taught the
difference between right and wrong, but that if
you didn't live by Gods were surely
going to be of those that will end up in hell.

In affect being taught that while your priest is
molesting you, it is right, it is the "Godly" thing
to do and have done to you. Of course most
children could understand and possibly have the
courage to speak out, but then who would
believe them.?.....
The fear of being "a troublemaker or told you are
a liar" The fear of speaking about the unknown,
the fear of being mis-understood......there are so
many factors and so many fears.....that most
repress any and all acts of molestation, violating
there being. Acts of molestation against young
children go unknown and silenced....due to the
nature of the beast and the crime....and by the
time courage is reached or the difference
between right and wrong is distinguished.....its
too late. Most States have statute of limitations
on criminal charges that only reflect a very short
period of time.......time that the victim has
already used up just trying to understand and
deal with all that has happened........and mostly
due to what I said previously....most do not
come forward for quite some time, or not at all
because they felt suicide was more admirable..
and silence the only alternative.