Some of you may be in crisis with your God identity. Some of you may not
honestly know what you do believe. Or are just not sure what to do or who
to turn to. Some of you are caught in the throes of not being able to believe or
accept that your church could do these things…
I urge you to use these resources in your healing & Support process.

If you live in the Albany Area and
would like to speak to someone or recieve
information on counseling, or just want to talk
to someone.
Please email: alterboys@aol.com
Sex Abuse Registry
Click Here
All 50 States...
A tribute to Victims
of Clergy Abuse
Click Here

Jan Marvel's "White Collar, Black Heart"
Spiritual Healing for Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse
Website for healing and overcoming your experience

The Survivors of Clergy Abuse
Linkup's Homepage

Legal resources for victims
of sexual Abuse
This is an excellent site offering a lot of information not only legal issues but
understanding the whole abuse process and what affects it has on
people.Click on the Flowers
This site offers a wide perspective on abuse, from the victims to the perps. offers
support, links to databases and how to contact Legislators and Government officials
in your state.
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