NEW YORK CITY A Bronx man, charging he was sexually harassed as a youth
by a priest 6 years ago, has filed a $110 million sexual abuse and malpractice suit
against the Archdiocese of New York.
The man, now 23, alleges he was assaulted and sexually molested by Fr. Henry
after going to him for counseling in 1992. Mills, who could not be reached for
comment, was an assistant pastor in the Bronx in 1992 when the incidents allegedly
occurred. The suit also charges that the archdiocese engaged in a coverup and
reneged on a promise to provide psychological help.
The man said Mills gave him liquor, engaged in sex acts and kept him in line by
threatening to reveal "confidential information that he learned during counseling."
In court papers, the archdiocese denied the allegations, but said that if anything
occurred, it was "consensual sex." (7/9)

The gay purge
By scapegoating homosexual priests, the Catholic Church seeks to avoid a tougher look at its
secret history of abuse.
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By Cheryl L. Reed
March 27, 2002 | The Vatican has come up with a simple solution to the Catholic Church's recent
sex scandal: Eliminate gay priests. "People with these inclinations just cannot be ordained,"
says Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, responding to the sex scandals sweeping the
American Catholic Church in recent weeks.
It's also a cause that has been taken up by U.S. conservatives as well, such as former Drug Czar
and self-appointed "values" cop Bill Bennett, who told CNN last week that "the church has to
consider the whole question as to whether it wants priests who are homosexual in orientation."
That answer may make sense to many, since the sex cases that have received the most
attention have involved priests who have molested young boys.
Turning the

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