A tribute to Victims of Clergy Abuse

Jan Marvel's "White Collar, Black Heart"
Lyrics written and copyrighted 1999
by Jan Marvel.
Reprinted by permission of Atta Girl Records.

"She was impressed with your site and enjoyed her
contact with you. Your committment to the cause
is admirable"
-Atta Girl Records

(White Collars - Black Hearts)

White sleeves, folded hands. Ding Dong, Ding Dong.
Who will ever understand, what's wrong, so wrong.
White collars, black hearts.Ding Dong, Ding Dong.
Such Disdain, rooms of pain in the holy throng.
Ding dong, Ding dong.

Sacred cows, holy vows-Alterboys, Alterboys.
Dark deeds, rosary beads. Ding dong, Ding dong
Heal thyself, if you can, hurting boys, hurting men
Never let them prey again, expose those wicked men.
Ding dong, Ding dong

It's the ultimate price you paid,
For trying to have faith
Your life has been derailed,
By the ultimate betrayal
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