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In June, Bishop McCormack decided it was appropriate to reassign the Rev. Ronald
P. Cote, 57, to St. Patrick's Church here, even though Cote had admitted to
McCormack that he'd had sex with a teenage boy and that the diocese was
arranging a secret and pricey settlement of a legal claim against the priest.
After Cote's secret was disclosed by a local newspaper in September, McCormack
stated in a sworn deposition that has yet to be made public that he instructed Cote
in May to tell parishioners that he had been subject to an investigation that
concluded he had done nothing wrong, but to say nothing else, according to a parent
of a victim of Shanley present at the deposition.
St. Patrick's parishioners have also denounced their bishop and demanded his
resignation, with many calling McCormack a liar for withholding details about Cote's
past. Cote remains at the parish, but Mass attendance at the century-old, stone
church has dropped by at least a third.

N.H. bishop reportedly coached priest on abuse reply

And the Award goes too.....
Our Hall of SHAME
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Bernard Casper - Priest, Albany Catholic Diocese-Served at St. Patricks Church ?-73
Auburn, NY. Served at St. Mary's Church 1973-present
St. Cecelia's, Rochester Diocese. 1967
Originally from the Pueblo Colorado Diocese.
This Priest recieves this distinction for being the molester of this Website's
And the Following Recieve it as well for covering up his whereabouts and

Bishop Mathew Clarke, Bishop Hubbard,and the Rev. Schraeder.
Pueblo Colorado Diocese.
-Albany claims he was never a Priest in thier Diocese, yet he was active at St.
Patricks Church on Central Ave in the City of Albany, New York.
The Rochester Diocese claims he is not a Priest in thier Diocese, yet for 18
years he served and was very active at St. Mary's Church in Auburn, New
York.Actively participating in Mass and in earlier years with the Schools
Basketball team.
He claims to be an "Independent Priest" How can he be involved with a church for so long? How can a Priest be Independent
when all Catholic Priests have to have someone to answer to (accountability) there is no such thing as an "Independent Priest
in the Roman Catholic Church!. We all know that the majority of practicing Priests file their taxes and claim to be self
employed....that doesn't make one independent, maybe for the sake of income and title, but in an ecclesiastical setting and a
fixture in the Roman Catholic Church it takes guidance from a much greater power and authority to direct someone in their
pastoral duties. It seems to me that Canon Law would Prohibit such a relationship.
Think about that...What the hell did he do all his life, simply walk up to a bishop and say.....Hi, I am an independent Priest, and I
would like to use your great majestic ornate church to practice religion, to say Mass to the people of your parish. "I will not
answer to you, nor will you be responsible for my actions and or character......Oh sure.."what the Hell"
What can I say about Bishop Hubbard, other than what the hell happen to "Miller" ,
nice place on Pinewood and not much more could be said that Hasn't been said and
or inferred in the book entitled AMchurch, by Paul Likoudis.

Oh yeah, Mr. Hubbard, PLease step down so someone that has a love for God in
thier heart can take over and lead the people of your Diocese in the manner which
was meant to be in accordance to Gods word, the Papacy and the Laws of the
Roman Catholic Church.
Victims Statement to Abuser