In Memory of my Mom
To my abuser,
You may have thought you could have gone til' eternity, with the knowledge that you did nothing
wrong or felt that your actions could ever impact two people to such degree.
Forgiveness is not within me. It has been a long road for me, fighting my past and the demons you
embedded in my conscience. It has taken thirty years to find the courage, the strength and the knowledge of
what is right and what is wrong, and what has been wrong in my life, to even try to rectify the pain within my
heart and with my God. A lifetime of misery shared with loneliness and shame. You sir are not worthy to claim
yourself a man of God. My respect for you, the church and the Almighty were all lost due to your, being the
"Godly" one, the person of faith my Mom absolutely adored and entrusted her children to..., turning out to be
a "false prophet".
In time I know that with guidance and therapy, I will heal these wounds and make amends with God &
Church, seeking forgiveness for turning my back on the Almighty and living an ungodly life due to your
teachings, abuse and weaknesses.
As a person of faith, you will be judged in your final hour......and I reluctantly hope that final hour will take
into consideration the criminal actions you took upon two 14 year olds, the abuse of your position, the
Catholic Church and for betraying my mothers faith in God by giving her a Mass of Christian burial under the
false pretenses of being a duly ordained active Roman Catholic Priest in the Albany Diocese.
As far as I am concerned, a mother of thirteen, an active participant in the Catholic Youth Organization, and a
person of faith, has been perpetually waiting at the gates of heaven, waiting to enter the heavenly kingdom of
God...for 27 years.!
How DARE you......May God have no mercy


It would be totally unacceptable for me to believe that a Priest could serve 3 Churches in the Roman Catholic
Diocese for forty years without ever having to abide by each churches Diocen Ordinary or Canon Law. (even
the typical lay person "Has" to be accepted into the the Roman Catholic Fold to proclaim his faith) following
the Guidlines set forth by the faith, baptism, communion, etc.

Forty Years!!!!!!!

I feel in my heart and believe that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York owes my Mother eternal
life, a Proper Catholic Burial rite (Graveside) service. By a duly authorized Roman Catholic Priest
empowered through the proper rite to do so.

Melodee Francis Murphy Zimmerman
June 13, 1976