Alban Institute reports
Decline in clergy 35 and younger

(RNS) A recent survey conducted by the Alban Institute, a Bethesda, Maryland-based organization that supports
congregational life, reported that the number of clergy ages 35 and younger has dropped dramatically, especially among
Episcopalians and Presbyterians.

In 1999, about 7% of clergy in the Presbyterian Church (USA) were 35 and younger, compared to 24% in 1975. In 2000,
about 3.9% of Episcopal clergy were 35 and under, compared to 19.4% in 1974.

Statistics in the March/April issue of Congregations, a magazine of the Institute, showed that fewer young professionals are
making the ministry their career choice. The magazine also noted that, in comparison, the number of young attorneys has
hardly changed in 25 years.

"When someone is young and is thinking about entering into a field as a professional, and they compare being a pastor with
being a schoolteacher or even other modest-paying occupations, it just doesn't stack up very well," said Cynthia Woolever,
associate for congregational research with the Presbyterian Church.

The Catholic Church appears to
be "an organization preaching
morality and providing sanctuary
to perverts."--Rev. Thomas
Doyle, Catholic attorney

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