Albany, New York
Roman Catholic Diocese's Shame
February 15,2003
Priest accused of abusing minors in Albany
was sent to Boston

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ A former Albany diocese priest accused of sexual misconduct with two minors in 1976
was transferred to the Boston archdiocese, where a lawsuit claims he abused someone else.
Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard confirmed Friday that former priest Dozia Wilson was sent to the
Archdiocese of Boston despite the abuse allegations. Police never charged Wilson with a crime.
A now 42-year-old man sued Wilson and both dioceses in November 2002, claiming Wilson molested him at a
Boston church after he was transferred from Albany.
The man seeks up to $2 million each from all three parties. The Albany diocese is negotiating a settlement
with the man, the diocese said Friday.
Wilson served as associate pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in Albany from 1972 through 1976, under Hubbard's
predecessor, Bishop Edwin Broderick.
"Wilson had moved away from the Albany area in 1976 at the insistence of local law enforcement authorities
because of incidents regarding the appropriateness of Wilson's interaction with minors," the Albany
diocese said in a statement released Friday.
Hubbard, who became bishop in 1977, allowed Wilson to return to the Albany diocese in 1980 as an associate
pastor at St. Ann's in Fort Ann, and part-time chaplain at Columbia County Jail and Columbia Greene
Community College.
Hubbard removed Wilson from his post as associate pastor of St. Mary's in Hudson in 1990, and sent him to
rehabilitation. Wilson formally resigned from the ministry in 1993.

A footnote to this story; In recent months Bishop Hubbard has claimed to have released the names of all
known pediphiles under his supervision, yet more keep appearing in Law suits and other dioceses. HOW
You refuse to suspend current Priests that have had allegations made against them, Credible Allegations of
abuse. You claim that it takes time, granted that but months?.....According to a member of your own National
Review Board, it should only take a matter of days! (Story here).

I ask again...How Many More are There??????

How many more victims have to come forward in shame and be forced to Identify themselves. Because that is
what is happening....Your Diocen policies are intended to keep victims quiet, and you go day to day hoping
none will speak up.....And find excuses.

How Many More are There Bishop Hubbard ????

You are a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, a position appointed to you by the Holy Sea and the Holy
Father. Your Actions have disappointed not only your faithful, but the Vatican and the Institution you took an
oath to. This is what forces you to not "Kiss & Tell", but I do know that when you took that Oath, it was for a
love of God and to keep his word, to teach and walk in and with the faithful. Your Vow and Oath did not
include nor should be expected to include...protecting criminals and soiling the great institution loved by many
and upheld from the love of God in each and every Roman Catholic's heart.
-just an opinion
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